• Woodland

    A stunning collection of Mark Lippett’s paintings was exhibited at Reuben Colley Fine Art during April 2016 in an exhibition entitled ‘Woodland’.
    The paintings focus on Cannock Chase, an area of outstanding natural beauty close to where Lippett lives. Speaking about this collection Mark said: ‘I wanted to portray the forest with honesty and show the beauty and atmosphere of the woodland, but also the effects of the weather which can often be tough on the landscape.  Often artists neglect the harsher side of nature choosing to display a romanticised version of the scene, whereas I wanted to show everything as it was’.

  • Nicklin Revisited

    In collaboration with BrumPic, artists represented by Reuben Colley Fine Art were invited to produce new work inspired by the photographs of Birmingham photographer and lecturer Phyllis Nicklin. The paintings were part of a hugely successful group exhibition at Reuben Colley Fine Art in January 2016.  ‘City Flats, Druids Heath, 1967’, now available as a signed limited edition, focuses on  suburban architecture.  Lippett manages to evoke a sense of nostalgia, cleverly transforming a mundane scene into an intriguing piece of art.

  • Abandoned Spaces

    This collection explores themes of abandonment, dereliction and the passing of time.  Traces of the lives of people can be found  and in our absence nature reclaims its space.
    Mark Lippett writes 'By The Tracks was discovered on a walk across Wolverhampton to discover old buildings that were almost forgotten and unnoticed, this image depicts a derelict building near the railway tracks which was distinctive because it had a tree growing through the middle of it'.